How to Decorate Home on Diwali

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With the festival of diwali approaching there is a great rush everywhere. Whether, its consideration of giving new look to home, buying festival clothes, sweets for diwali or diwali gifts each and every thing needs to be given special consideration in order to make diwali a successful event of the year. Like we take care of ourselves for diwali by makeover and new attires, our home also needs the same. In fact home should come in first priority list when it comes to diwali decoration and there is a big reason behind that.

Diwali the festival of lights is celebration of incarnation of Goddess Laxmi the density of wealth in earth. On the day of Kartika Amavasya she incarnated from Samundra Manthan and blessed the people of earth. It is a firm belief of people and the Hindu mythology also says that Goddess Laxmi visits earth on every Kartika Amavasya. She visits every place. In order to impress goddess with good things people clean their houses, whitewash them and decorate it beautifully. They believe that doing this will make goddess to stay in their home. For this special reason beautifying home is much important on diwali. If you want to give a rejuvenating look to your home on the festival of lights then here are three dashing ideas for you to decorate your home on diwali.

Traditional Look:Diwali is the celebration of our customs and traditions. Therefore it is much required on the day to give a traditional look to our home. To create a festival friendly environment at your home you can go with toran, bandarwal, natural flower garlands, jhumar, latkan and rangoli of course.

Diyas and Candles:The much needed decorative item on diwali is diyas and candles. Diwali is called as the festival of lights because it is a great light show which is observed everywhere on the festival. However there are so many things that people tend to use for diwali lighting like LED lights, bulbs etc. but a natural lightning beauty will only be provided with diyas and candles.

Spiritual Home Décor Items:You can spread positivity and spirituality at your home with spiritual home décor items on diwali. This may include idols of Laxmi and ganesha, Kamdhenu idol, rangoli, Om stickers etc.

These are three fantastic things through which you can improve your home décor on diwali. You can implement these ideas for diwali home decoration and give a bright and rejuvenating look to your home on the festival of lights. You can buy diwali decoration gifts online in case you are looking for other interesting diwali home decoration ideas. 


By Ranjan Jha
Added Oct 20 '16


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