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mary123 Jun 30 '17
CHICAGO -- Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has a habit of attracting attention. Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys . Maybe you recall the former No. 1 overall pick hitting the Internet last season, when photos show him partying in Madison, Wis. Or the 2009 arrest in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., after an altercation with a cab driver. All that seems so long ago for Kane, who on Thursday was named one of the finalists for the Lady Byng trophy given to the NHL player who exhibits the best sportsmanship and "gentlemanly conduct" along with top skills on the ice. That shouldnt be a surprise given Kanes dazzling talent. He stepped right into the Blackhawks lineup and won the Calder Trophy as the leagues rookie of the year. He scored 30 goals and 88 points in the 2009-10 regular season, then added 10 goals and 18 assists in the playoffs as the Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years. Then came this lockout-shortened season and the 24-year-old Kane has had the most effective season of his six-year career, according to coach Joel Quenneville, whose team holds a leads 1-0 in its Western Conference seminal series against Detroit. Game 2 will be played in Chicago on Saturday. "I thought Kaner really progressed in his game this year," Quenneville said. "Offensively he had the puck more than he ever did. I thought he had more speed, more pace to his game. He seemed to be more aware positionally and technically. He definitely improved his play in his own end. It thought his overall game was to a new level this year. Kane led Chicago this season with 55 points, on 23 goals and 32 assists. More than his passing and playmaking -- including a handful of jaw-dropping 360-degree pirouettes -- have improved. "I though each and every year Kaner has gotten better as a player in all aspect of his game," Quenneville said. "Hes gotten stronger, hes gotten better and hes growing up as well." Kane, who has never taken a fighting major in the NHL, has been smarter, too. His penalty minute total has dropped from 52 as a rookie to just eight last season. "I thought maybe Id have a chance at this one (award) and I think it kind of speaks volumes for where my game has gone since my rookie season," Kane said. "I remember I used to take a lot of penalties that were kind of unnecessary. I kind have got that out of my game a little bit. Im definitely happy about it. Its an honour." Kane has yet to score in six playoff games this season. But he has been visible on the ice, with six assists and a plus-4 rating. "I just play my game and if the pass is there Ill try to make the pass," he said. "If its a shot, then Ill shoot. Thats the thing with our team. If one or two guys arent scoring, then other guys are stepping up. Thats the way its been all year. Whoever it might be, thats why weve been so successful." The Blackhawks anticipate a stiffer challenge from the Red Wings in Game 2. After Chicago defeated Detroit 4-1 on Wednesday night, coach Mike Babcock said his team was tired, coming off a seven-game upset of Anaheim in the opening round. "I expect them to be better for sure," Quenneville said. "Those Western trips back-and-forth add up." Babcock, who gave his team a day off Thursday, predicted the Red Wings will be re-energized on Saturday "We have no reason not to be very good in the next game," he said. "We got to get back at her and playing at a high tempo because obviously they were playing at a level (in Game 1) that we werent playing at." Detroit defenceman Niklas Kronwall added: "We know were better than this." Kane will be ready. As for the Lady Byng award, seven Blackhawks have won it but none since Stan Mikita in 1968. "Its an award that definitely a great honour," he said. "I think its got a little different view now from players. Like it says in the (description), its skill and sportsmanship put together." Cheap Rangers Jerseys . The scientists believe the small earthquake during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown was likely greater than Lynchs famous "beast quake" touchdown run three years ago, which also came against New Orleans during a playoff game. Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys . Pierce was ejected in the third quarter of Indianas 103-86 win Monday. George Hill stole a bad pass and was going in for a layup, and Pierce hustled back and appeared to be trying to wrap him up. http://www.cheapnewyorkrangersjerseys.com/ . Dukurs winning time was 1 minute, 45.76 seconds, a quarter-second better than Russias Alexander Tretiakov. Lativas Tomass Dukurs was third, 1.41 seconds off the pace. Jon Montgomery of Eckville, Alta. In Miami, Barry Bonds leans against the batting cage every afternoon, working his hitting-coach magic. In San Diego, Mark McGwire has climbed the coaching ladder all the way to bench coach.In Chicago, Manny Ramirez is an official Cubs hitting consultant. In Houston, Roger Clemens is a special assistant and occasional Astros pitching instructor. In Colorado, Jason Giambi got a long look when the Rockies were searching for a manager four years ago.And then, well, theres A-Rod, the most cherished Yankees special adviser and instructor of them all. (Or something like that.)Once, people called them pariahs. Now its beginning to occur to us that not too far down the road, we may be calling them something else:Managers.Wait. Could that really happen?Heck, yeah. Of course it could. If those fabled members of the PED gang are so radioactive, how did they get hired to do these jobs? So what makes anyone think there would be some sort of stigma preventing them from getting a managing job?I think were past that, said an official of one American League club. Weve let them in as coaches, right?Uh, right. So I did another one of my famous surveys of 14 executives across baseball last week and asked them whether they foresaw any of the six men above managing in the big leagues. Just three of them said no way. So while the writers continue to work to keep these men out of Cooperstown, the folks who run baseball arent even keeping them out of the clubhouse.Rightly or wrongly, said a longtime National League executive, the stigma of steroid use is fading.Were a very forgiving society, said another.If these guys want to manage, said a third, the only thing that would stop them is not PEDs. It would be other factors.Other factors? Oh yeah. Them. We heard a lot of talk about those other factors. And lets start with this factor. As yet another longtime exec put it, managing is really hard.Egotistically, these guys might want to do it, he went on. But once they see what the job really is, I dont know that theyd want to.Know what? Hes onto something. That little matter of what the job really is has kept players of their stature -- even ones with no PED ties -- from taking this plunge for years. With research help from ESPN Stats & Informations Sarah Langs, we can tell you all about that:? Four of these six men are in the 500-homer club. They might want to know that only four members of that club have ever managed, none of the four won a World Series, and the most recent (Frank Robinson) retired from playing 40 years ago.? Clemens, of course, is in the 300-win club. Although five 300-game winners have managed, just one of them (Walter Johnson) threw a pitch in the past 100 seasons. None of those five won a World Series either, by the way.? Four of these players on our list are also former MVPs. And at least theres precedent for that. Seven MVPs in the past half-century went on to manage. But the only MVP since 1949 to win a World Series as a manager was Joe Torre. And we should mention that Torre was in his 16th year of managing (and with his fourth team) when he finally won.So thats my question, said one of the execs quoted above. Is someone on your list going to be patient enough to manage three or four different teams for 20 years? I dont think so.And thats not all. Managing in the 21st century means talking to the media twice a day every day for more than seven months. It means handling nonstop second-guessing. It means taking orders from the front office on all sorts of stuff. It means often having no control over the makeup of your roster. And it means constantly dealing with one issue after another.Even the guys who have coached, said the same exec, have it easier than the manager. They dont have to deal with: This guy is late. This guy is ticked. This guys not playing hard. And on and on. As a coach, you dont have to deal with any of that. So who would want to do this? Think about it. Its not like youre asking to be president of the United States. But when youve had the career these guys have had, why would you want to do this?Its an excellent question. And if none of these men ever manage, thats probably the biggest reason. They dont need the aggravation. But lets just say its theoretically possible. Who is most likely, and who is least likely, to manage some day? After conducting this survey, Id rank them this way (from most likely to least):1. Jason GiambiHis former manager in Cleveland, Terry Francona, called him a manager in waiting. And of the execs I spoke with who know him, they were unanimous that he has the personality, people skills, media skills and love of the daily grind to do it. Cheap Rangers Jerseys Authentic. One exec also spoke of his humility, which comes in handy in this line of work. And if managing the human beings in the local clubhouse is a priority for the next team that interviews him, Giambi just might get hired.Remember, said one exec, Cleveland kept him on their team all year a few years ago even though he couldnt play -- just so that he could impact their clubhouse.2. Mark McGwireBig Mac has spent more seasons as a big league coach (seven) than everyone else on this list combined. He was a hitting coach for three years in St. Louis, spent the next three years as the hitting coach in Los Angeles, and now serves as San Diego Padres manager Andy Greens bench coach. For what its worth, Green has been ejected twice this season, so McGwire can say he has 12 action-packed innings of big league managing experience. The one thing people who know him worry about is that he might be too quiet by nature to handle all the media and leadership demands. But he has put in the time. Hes extremely likable. And he has taken ownership of his PED past.Unlike all the others, said one exec who voted for him for this ranking, he has admitted his use and accepted the consequences.3. Barry BondsOK, weve now moved into the portion of these rankings where theres about as likely a chance of a Kardashian sister managing in the big leagues as there is of these next four guys managing. But humor us, all right? Why did I rank Bonds third? Because at least he has coached in the big leagues -- hes in the midst of his first season as the Marlins hitting coach. And one thing he has proved is that hes a really bright man who can teach hitting and command any room he wants to command. But if you asked me if hell even decide he wants to be the hitting coach again in Miami next year, Id say no. And if you asked me to imagine him chatting amiably with the media for 200 hours a season, which is a job requirement of modern managing, Id say hell no.Barry could manage, said one exec. But is he going to want to manage and do everything he has to do to manage? Im amazed hes still the batting coach there, to be honest.4. Alex RodriguezAs recently as this spring, Yankees manager Joe Girardi predicted his man A-Rod would manage someday because I think he likes all the strategy of the game. And you have to admit this guy proved in his postseason TV gig that he has thought a lot about the game and can talk the language of baseball. But ... can he manage a major league baseball team? Wow. Didnt sense a lot of enthusiasm for that idea. Would an owner and GM trust him to say the right thing before and after every game for six months? Would his insecurities bubble over and flood the clubhouse the first time he got second-guessed for some bullpen move that went amiss? And above all, could he deal with all those strong personalities as a manager that he had so much trouble connecting with as a player?I think hed be very good with the young players, said one AL exec. But veteran players have always had a hard time relating to him. Maybe in four or five years, when that whole generation is pretty much out of the game, I could see it. But would he even want to? I have my doubts.5. Roger ClemensIm not sure exactly how I decided to rank the Rocket over Manny. Work ethic, maybe? At least I got a vote from one exec that Clemens would be an outstanding pitching coach. Is there any doubt about his thorough understanding of the art of pitching? Pretty much none. But beyond that? Who would hire him to manage a major league baseball team?Hes the only one on your list, said one AL exec, that I would definitively say wont [manage].6. Manny RamirezWould he remember to show up for work every day? Would he remember to write out the lineup card? Would he run spring training drills that taught his corner outfielders how to make diving cutoffs of throws by their center fielder? Would he teach his base stealers how to lead off second base and then steal first? Would he make it through an entire season without talking to the media? All of which is another way of saying Manny Pacquiao would be a better choice to manage your team than this Manny. But Ill say this: That has nothing to do with PEDs. Hed avoid this job strictly on merit.Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '