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As we showed you on Tuesday Daniel Sorensen Jersey , the Kansas City Chiefs jumped from fourth to second place in our aggregated pundit power rankings with their 27-24 overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday — and after folding data from the number-crunchers, the Chiefs move from third to second in the Week 15 True Power Rankings.Here’s how the crunchers see the NFL — now that Week 14’s games are in the books.Cruncher Power Rankings for Week 15Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsThe Chiefs held steady — or improved — in all of the data-based models.But the Los Angeles Rams’ 15-6 loss to the Chicago Bears dropped them out of second place with the crunchers, and the Chiefs took their place.Once again this week, the top teams remain the same.The Bears’ win served them well with all the models except the unweighted PE model — where they remained in second — and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Oakland Raiders came within a whisker of dropping them out of the top tier.We do see one odd thing here.The New England Patriots actually rose one spot with the crunchers after losing to the Miami Dolphins on that crazy last-second play, because the Patriots remain strong in Elo.The Patriot’s Elo score did, in fact, drop after the loss, but their one-point loss to the Dolphins cost them less than the Los Angeles Rams’ nine-point loss to the Chicago Bears.This is another example of why rankings of statistical data can sometimes be misleading.We’ll come back to this when we get to this week’s cruncher grades.Now let’s combine the cruncher rankings with Tuesday’s pundit rankings to create the Week 15 True Power Rankings.True Power Rankings for Week 15Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsWith the Chiefs in second place with both the pundits and the crunchers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Chiefs would rise to second place in the combined rankings.The Houston Texans drop out of the top tier after losing to the Indianapolis Colts, and the Ravens move in with the top teams.Wait... what?Yes, the Ravens move up two spots after losing to the Chiefs.We can see part of why this happened by looking at the inverse version of the Ravens chart we saw in Tuesday’s pundit power rankings.This version of the chart compares the individual cruncher rankings against the aggregated pundit rankings — which is the black line.The pundits haven’t been all that crazy about the Ravens all season — and started bailing on them during the three losses that led up to Joe Flacco’s injury.But the crunchers have been fairly high on them all along — as we see here, more so in some models than in others — and eventually, that resulted in the pundits undervaluing the Ravens quite a bit in comparison.But the pundits have been getting back on board since the Ravens starting winning again. Then they decided the Ravens showed them something by nearly knocking off the Chiefs on the road — so they gave them a little boost.The crunchers, on the other hand, thought they should come down a little — but not a lot — because they lost narrowly to a better team.Also note that the Ravens’ DVOA ranking rose a bit after the loss, too.This is because DVOA is less concerned about wins and losses than some of the other models. But again... rankings can be deceptive.The Ravens, Steelers and Texans are in a really tight group; the difference between the three is just 0.4 ranking points.If the pundits hadn’t decided to be generous, the Ravens probably would have stayed out of the top tier, and the Texans would have remained.And here’s your weekly reality-check: the Week 15 cruncher grades.Cruncher Grades for Week 15Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsThe Chiefs drop measurably — but not significantly — in this week’s grades.Again, we see a group of teams at the top of the league, a group at the bottom and a whole lot of average in between.The Bears and the Ravens move in with the top teams Limited Travis Kelce Jersey , and the Patriots fall out.But why would the Patriots go down in the cruncher grades, while going up in the cruncher rankings we saw earlier?Or for that matter, why did the Ravens rise in the cruncher grades, while dropping in the cruncher rankings?It’s all about the math.Rankings have a basic problem: they don’t tell us anything about the difference between two values — only that one is greater (or less) than another.So when you average rankings together, some error can start creeping in.But the cruncher grades are calculated using the actual values behind the rankings, rather than the rankings themselves.Further, since these data models use different scales, we must convert the values to standard deviations from average, so we can compare (and average) them together.This helps eliminate some of the problems you run across with rankings and can give a more truthful picture of what’s going on.That’s why we always refer to the cruncher grades as a reality check.That’s it for now.Big game Thursday!Join us again on Tuesday. We’ll fire up the spreadsheet again and see how the NFL shakes out after Week 15. It’s our Monday column, The Re-Up. In this column, I’ll write about some deeper thought I had about the last game and finish with some fun stuff to ponder at the article’s end. Check out last week’s column here.Ken Blaze-USA TODAY SportsOne week ago, after the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC West division win over the Denver Broncos, team owner Clark Hunt held a press conference for his annual midseason check-in.The tone of the press conference played out, for the most part, as expected—excitement in Kansas City hasn’t been this high in a long time due to Patrick Mahomes, Hunt is pleased with both head coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach and yes, Eric Berry “literally is day to day.”But there was a moment, in particular, that jumped out to me when I listened back. And it came when Hunt was questioned about his franchise quarterback’s leadership qualities.Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images“I think watching his demeanor when he talks about the team in press conferences, that’s one example,” Hunt said of Mahomes. “He’s very quick to give credit to his teammates and he does have a tremendous group of teammates. Those offensive skill players are really special De'Anthony Thomas Jersey , and I think he rightly points a lot of the credit for our success to them. “Then also watching him in the locker room in postgame situations, whether it’s been one of the wins or our loss in New England, the way that he carries himself and the way that he speaks to his teammates. You can just see how they respect him. He’s very, very well spoken, and I think he hits the right message in those situations.”So I pulled up the New England post-game tape to zone in. As if you don’t remember, that’s the game in which the Chiefs offense scored 40 points and still lost.“Yeah, I missed some throws,” Mahomes, who went 22 of 36 for 352 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions, said after the game.Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports“You can’t miss those throws,” he added. “We left some points out there and so when you go back and look at the tape, you have to learn from that and try to do better whenever you get the next opportunity.”Uh, what?Now living in an NFL landscape that is well aware of all that Mahomes is capable of on the field, I actually think Hunt nailed a prime of example of something that probably isn’t talked about enough when it comes to the second-year quarterback.It is a trait Mahomes shares with the likes of Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and the Manning brothers.Absolute and undeniable confidence, competitiveness and even cockiness on the field with complete humility and selflessness off.Watch this clip from the Week 2 Chiefs-Steelers game.Mahomes went 23 for 28 for 326 yards and six touchdowns, and he invites the Pittsburgh Steelers to come and stop him.Fast forward to Week 7 against the Cincinnati Bengals, and check out this clip.Mahomes went 28 for 39 for 358 yards, four touchdowns and an interception, and he waves at the Bengals as they try to rough him up after the whistle on the sideline.And how about a touchdown Dustin Colquitt Jersey Salute to Service , a brush-off and a flex on Monday Night Football against the Denver Broncos? The Chiefs won that game, too, thanks to overcoming a 10-point, fourth-quarter deficit by way of an off-hand pass to shatter those Mile High dreams.After each instance, Mahomes left the competitiveness and the fire in between the lines, reported to the podium after the game and talked about the opposition with respect while crediting his teammates.I asked Reid about Mahomes’ ability to balance that competitive fire with being the face of the franchise on Monday.“In the moment, I guess—he’s not going to come in here and bark and do all that and flex for you,” Reid said. “I think he’s into that moment. He loves playing and we all get to see that. At the same time, he is professional enough to where when he’s off the field he handles that situation—whatever that situation is—whether he’s with little kids or with y’all, he handles it the right way, and he’s got a knack for that.”Mahomes had his eighth game in a row of 300-plus yards on Sunday in the Chiefs eighth win of the year. He threw for three touchdowns, but the post-game topic of discussion once again had nothing to do with him.Instead, he complimented opposing quarterback Baker Mayfield and discussed how eager Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce were to play well in their hometown.Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports“I knew they wanted to play well and win here in Cleveland,” he said. “They love it here in Cleveland so they wanted to play well in front of their families. It was cool for them to have a combined five touchdowns between both of them.”And more specifically on Hunt, who has become one of the hottest players in the National Football League of late...“When he’s running the ball like that, and catching out of the backfield, it makes it that much harder for defenses to stop us,” he said. “I feel like when you have guys like that at every position, trying to do their role and being the person that they are, is when you have those good offenses.”None of what this season has become would be possible without Mahomes, but you’ll never hear that from him.RAPID REACTIONThis week’s Rapid Reaction was taken from my opening thoughts on the Arrowhead Pride post-game show Authentic Steven Nelson Jersey , as first heard live on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.STAT OF THE GAMEGIF OF THE GAMEThe shade...TWEET(s) OF THE GAMEand staying on theme...FIVE QUOTES1. Andy Reid on his favorite Kareem Hunt screen passes: “My favorite thing is the one like Kareem had where he scores. Those are the ones.”2. Offensive lineman Cam Erving on him, Mitchell Schwartz, Austin Reiter and Andrew Wylie playing for the Chiefs in the win over the Browns (via friend of the site Tom Martin): “We showed everybody in the Cleveland Browns front office what a mistake they made, four out of five [Chiefs starting offensive linemen] were on their team... It was just a statement game, man.”3. Quarterback Baker Mayfield on Browns general manager John Dorsey: “We believe in what he is doing. We believe in the guys that he has brought in here and everything they are about. It is about building culture. That is where it starts. He established a culture there. He brought in the right pieces. You have to get people to believe in that. It doesn’t matter who you have if you have that fixed, then you can go a long way. We are working on that. Like I said earlier, we have to keep getting better.”4. Running back Kareem Hunt on the feeling when Andy Reid dials up a play for him: “He believes in me. If I get the ball in some space, I can make the play to get whatever yardage we need.”5. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes on checking on cornerback EJ Gaines immediately after taking a rough hit: “Football is family. Everybody knows what we all go through, nobody wants anyone to be injured. I knew we had the touchdown, so I wanted to make sure that he was all good. Hopefully he’s healthy.”THE BIG THOUGHTPhoto by Kirk Irwin/Getty ImagesLike we have seen in recent years when it comes to professional baseball, football is heading in a direction in which statistics and analytics are going to matter more. Head coaches and personnel men already factor them in when it comes to decision-making on the field. Former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles made headlines when it was revealed how much of a role analytics played in their Super Bowl-winning season in 2017. But Sunday should serve as a reminder that while analytics are worthwhile, this is a sport played by human beings. This was the first opportunity Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce had to play in front of a hometown Cleveland crowd—literally, the stuff of dreams—and it showed.They played their hearts out.“I was a kid that grew up right down the street in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, dreaming of one day being able to play in this stadium in front of these fans,” Kelce said after the game. “It’s a dream come true. It’s a cool feeling. Browns fans, I’m sorry we had to do it, but we’re about business over here in Kansas City. It’s fun playing with these guys in this locker room.”There are some moments in sports you’ll never be able to place a number on, and that’s what keeps us watching.POLL OF THE WEEK

FOXBOROUGH , Mass. (AP) — Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers says thinking about how to defend against the Los Angeles Chargers has kept him up at night.“Over the bye I had a dream about not setting the edge,” Flowers said this week. “I woke up and it was a nightmare.”New England’s leader this season with 7½ sacks, it was Flowers who gave opposing offenses fits as part of a defense that’s had its struggles but did just enough during the regular season to earn victories against some of the NFL’s top quarterbacks including Andrew Luck, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.The Patriots’ next challenge is Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers , who will arrive in Foxborough on Sunday still looking for his first playoff victory (0-2) against New England and his first win over the Patriots with Tom Brady as the starting quarterback.Rivers is 1-5 overall in regular-season meetings with New England, with his lone victory coming in 2008 when Brady was sidelined with a knee injury. He has yet to throw a touchdown pass against the Patriots in the postseason.But Flowers said none of Rivers’ past shortcomings are evident when he dissects the 37-year-old quarterback on film.“He’s definitely a veteran that’s been very successful over his career,” Flowers said. “I guess the experience just allows him to know that he can take over the offense, he can change things. It’s just one of those things where you’ve got to be aware that he can come in and take over.”Patriots coach Bill Belichick said in that way the challenge of defending Rivers is not unlike the one Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger presents. Both are big presences in the pocket, giving them the ability to spot open receivers. Their size also makes them difficult to tackle.“Makes good decisions with the ball, uses everybody — as he always does,” Belichick said.That said, defenses have been able to get to Rivers with the pass rush this season. He was sacked 32 times during the regular season, up from 18 a year ago.A perennial 4,000-yard passer, Rivers is among the NFL’s best quarterbacks at throwing the deep ball. But according to analysis done by Football Outsiders, the Patriots finished the regular season second only to the Chicago Bears at defending passes that travelled at least 16 yards in the air .The Patriots also enter Sunday’s divisional round having forced eight turnovers in the final three games of the regular season.Rookie cornerback J.C. Jackson was responsible for one of those turnovers, an interception against Buffalo. One of New England’s latest undrafted gems, he finished with three interceptions on the season. It’s helped fortify a veteran-led secondary that’s made things difficult for opposing quarterbacks.Safety Duron Harmon leads the Patriots with four interceptions. First-team All-Pro Stephon Gilmore has two picks on the season.Jackson says he’s looking forward to his first bite of playoff football.“Of course New England Patriots Hats , I’m nervous — this is my first playoff game,” he said. “I’m nervous, but I’m ready. It’s a ready nervous.”While New England’s defensive personnel has changed over the years, Rivers said the Patriots have consistently made things difficult on him over the years.“The ability for them to be very multiple and do things very well and really you see how … they do of trying to take away what you do best,” he said.Rivers may have to throw the ball even more this week with running back Melvin Gordon dealing with a knee injury he sustained during last week’s wild-card win over the Ravens.Gordon helped take a lot of pressure off Rivers during the regular season. In 12 games, he rushed for 885 yards and 10 touchdowns, while also catching four scores out of the backfield. His 5.1 yards per rushing attempt average was also key in helping Rivers and offense sustain drives.Gordon rushed 17 times for 40 yards and a touchdown against Baltimore.Chargers coach Anthony Lynn rested Gordon at practice on Wednesday and acknowledged he likely wouldn’t be 100 percent by Sunday.Harmon said he is expecting Rivers’ best, whoever is in the huddle with him. He said he’s not trying to overthink the challenge.“Just try to make it hard on him,” Harmon said. “Give him different looks. Try to make him play that game with us and hopefully we can win that mind game against him.” In the NFL, 35 is considered old. Few players make it over this threshold and still remain successful among colleagues that are in a lot of cases more than 10 years younger. However, those who do survive in the league that long are oftentimes still at the top of their game, especially at positions that pose a slightly different athletic challenge than most. The quarterback spot is the best example, and 2018 serves as a perfect reminder of that.39-year old New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Los Angeles Chargers’ 36-year old Philip Rivers are both in the middle of arguably their best seasons to date. The Pittsburgh Steelers’s 36-year old Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile, and soon-to-be 35-year old Green Bay Packers passer Aaron Rodgers also still play at the same high level as they used to in their earlier days in the NFL.And then, there is Tom BradyAt 41, he is the league’s oldest quarterback (and oldest non-kicker in general) and he keeps defying expectations of what being an older play in the NFL means. Since turning 35 in the offseason leading into the 2012 season, Brady has led the New England Patriots to two Super Bowl trophies New England Patriots Hoodie , and has won a combined three MVP awards (one regular season, two in the title game).2018 is more of the same. While Brady’s statistical output looks comparatively pedestrian when compared to his ridiculously productive last three seasons, he still is very much in the conversation as the league’s best quarterback. And even though he finds himself in unchartered territory for players his age he keeps adding to his already legendary r茅sum茅 — and according to the man himself, he plans to keep doing it.“I’d like to go till I’m 45,” Brady told NBC Sports’ Peter King after Sunday night’s victory over the Green Bay Packers and fellow old man quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “I know I said that a hundred times, and no one believes me. But I mean, I feel good. I could go play another game tomorrow. I know what to do. It’s fun. What else would you rather do than run out in front of 70,000 people and throw a football?”While Brady regularly pointed out his goal of playing until turning 45, he put on a more cautiously sounding tone this offseason. Of course, his remarks also left plenty of room for interpretation: he told Oprah Winfrey that he thinks about retirement more than he used to and also spoke in an interview with his own TB12 brand about “seeing the end line now.” His most recent statements, however, leave little doubt about what he wants to do.Brady being asked about hanging up his cleats is nothing new. Back in 2014, for example, the then-37-year old told WEEI that he will retire when his game is no longer up to the lofty standards he sets for himself. “When I suck, I’ll retire,” the future Hall of Famer said before continuing: “I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.” We are nine weeks into the 2018 season and Brady is still far from sucking. 45 seems to be as realistic as it has ever been.

The Los Angeles Rams proved that they are an elite team , but they’re not the only oneIn a battle of offenses, the Rams matched the New Orleans Saints blow-for-blow early on. Keeping the score knotted up at 14, things were looking good at that point except that the Rams scoring drives lasted 3:21 and 2:28, while the Saints drives took 5:35 and 4:24. While less plays means less chance for a turnover, it also meant the Rams defense might get winded sooner; and then came the second quarter where the Saints did Saints-like things and put up 21 points. While I could care less about whether Sean McVay uses Todd Gurley to set up the pass or vice versa, the defense will need more time to regroup against teams as competent as the Saints. The Rams made adjustments and answered though, and had actually tied the game with ten minutes remaining. Although they lost, it seems pretty clear that if these teams meet up again, playing at home could be very important. In fact, over the last two seasons Josh Reynolds Color Rush Jersey , the teams have each beaten each other while playing at home. While the Saints had to reestablish their credibility after an early season loss to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers, they have clearly arrived and are as hot as any team at the halfway point. In any event, there will likely be some scoreboard watching for Rams fans from here on out, and Sean McVay may be required to actually roll out all the weapons against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. I hate to beat a dead horse, but when will the real Marcus Peters please stand up?Or (gulp), is this it? Though he’d valiantly deny it, perhaps he isn’t completely healthy; but even if that’s the case he needs to play smarter. It’s understood that he’s been a great gambler throughout his career, and a few turnovers could have completely changed the outcome against the Saints, yet Peters needs to gamble with some level of moderation. The Saints, for all their explosiveness don’t have a ton of overwhelming receivers. They have Michael Thomas Samson Ebukam Jersey , and鈥?Michael Thomas so containing him just a little bit could have done wonders.Believe it or not Thomas’ catch rate was tied for his lowest of the season at 80%, but there were plenty of plays where Peters was in the vicinity and got bullied or like the Thomas’ last touchdown he was simply burnt with the game on the line. Nobody would expect perfection. Guarding great receivers in this era is like guarding a great point guard in the NBA, you just hope for a some containment and even a win here and there.Maybe Wade Phillips needs to scheme Peters back into form, and maybe having Aqib Talib back soon will help, but in the meantime, perhaps playing slightly more conservative will help provide some level of containment, at least until he’s physically able to play his preferred game. Rams-Seahawks: Week 5 national media predictions | Seattle TimesIs anybody picking the Seahawks against NFC West behemoths, the Los Angeles Rams. Nope. Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and that intimidating defense haven’t lost yet this season, and nobody expects CenturyLink Field to stand in the way.Perfect Rams looks to continue early run against Seahawks | Tampa Bay TimesThe last time the Los Angeles Rams visited Seattle Dominique Easley Color Rush Jersey , they were announcing themselves as the new powerhouse in the NFC West by handing the Seahawks a drubbing unlike any they had experienced in Pete Carroll’s tenure.Game preview: Rams head to Seattle for first divisional road test | Rams’ official siteThe Rams enter their first divisional road test against the Seahawks 4-0 for the first time since 2001, and will look to improve to 2-0 in the NFC West. For the Seahawks (2-2), Sunday’s game provides the chance to get rise above .500 and be the league’s first team to slow down quarterback Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams.Peters looking forward to the challenge of facing Wilson | Rams’ official siteLos Angeles will face another significant test for the secondary this week in quarterback Russell Wilson and Seattle’s offense. While the Rams have had success on Wilson in the past, there are many players now on the club who have not faced Wilson before — including Peters. He’s looking forward to going against the four-time Pro Bowl quarterback. Pete Carroll embraces challenge of slowing down Rams | Pro Football TalkThe 2-2 Seahawks host on Sunday the 4-0 Rams, not only a division rival but also one of the very best offenses in the league. Seattle coach Pete Carroll looks forward to the opportunity to take on his rivals from Southern California.Wilson has a hamstring injury, but he’s off the final report | Pro Football TalkSeahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rarely is injured. Technically, he has an injury entering Week Five. But he has no official designation on the final Week Five report.Rams at Seahawks Week 5 preview | Pro Football FocusBeyond providing data for all 32 NFL teams, PFF also supports network broadcasters with game-preview packets that are used to enhance the in-game experience for fans and viewers. This Rams-Seahawks preview features the same information their broadcast partners use for team research and in-game production.NFC Players of the Month for September | Pro Football FocusWith four weeks of the NFL season in the books, it’s time to look at the first players of the month across both conferences. Here are PFF’s Players of the Month for September. Ranking all 32 wide receiving corps through Week 4 | Pro Football FocusNow through Week 4 of the 2018-19 NFL season, we have come together to rank all 32 wide receiving corps in the NFL. The ranks pull from grades , advanced stats and more that each of the team’s wide receivers have generated in four weeks of play.Everything runs through Gurley in Rams’ explosive offense | LA TimesWith so much open space in front of him, Todd Gurley hardly could believe his eyes.Juggernaut Rams set to welcome back Barron | SportsnautStarting inside linebacker Mark Barron, who’s missed the first four games of the season with an ankle issue, is expected to return to the lineup for the team’s Week 5 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.3 key matchups for Rams at Seahawks | Seahawks’ official siteHere are three key matchups that could make the difference when the Seahawks host the Rams at CenturyLink Field Sunday.3 predictions for Week 5 against the Seahawks | Ramblin FanLos Angeles faces NFC West foe Seattle as absolute supremacy in the division heats up in Week 5.3 biggest causes for concern vs. Seahawks | Rams WireThere aren’t many concerns facing Los Angeles, but here are the three biggest.Suh can line up anywhere and produce up front | LA TimesThe pressure comes from all angles and positions along the Rams’ front, be it nose tackle, defensive tackle or end. Ndamukong Suh is making an impact from all three spots.Suh has been everything Rams hoped for and “a little bit more” | Rams WireThe Los Angeles Rams had high hopes when they signed Ndamukong Suh this offseason. The main allure was pairing him with Aaron Donald in the middle of the defense, having two All-Pros next to each other on any given play.2019 NFL mock draft | CBS SportsEnjoy this 2019 mock draft where every NFC West team is picking inside the top 8 (two of them go 1 and 2)...and the Rams’ pick dead last. Videos via Rams’ Official SiteOne-on-one with Cairo SantosMark Barron on Rams’ defense + being ready for SeattleSean McVay Friday press conferenceTodd Gurley on Rams’ offense + Week 5 matchupMarcus Peters talks Seahawks prep

METAIRIE , La. (AP) Patrick Robinson spied Drew Brees stepping up to throw deep down the middle, sprinted back toward his own end zone and made an outstretched interception of a ball that initially looked to be thrown beyond anyone’s reach.”Impressive,” was how Saints coach Sean Payton described the play by Robinson, a cornerback who is one of several recent additions aimed at strengthening a club that nearly advanced to the NFC title game last season.The onset of offseason practices this week has provided Payton and his staff a chance to begin forging roles for players such as Robinson, as well as fellow newcomers such as linebacker Demario Davis, safety Kurt Coleman, receiver Cameron Meredith and first-round draft choice Marcus Davenport.It’s also a chance to see if any of the club’s younger running backs – such as rookie Boston Scott – might fill the void created by Pro Bowl rusher Mark Ingram’s four-game suspension for use of a banned substance.”Obviously, we hate to miss a guy like that. He’s such huge part of what we do and such a great teammate, too,” Brees said of Ingram after Thursday’s non-padded practice, the first open to reporters this offseason. ”We’ll manage.”Alvin Kamara is on track to emerge as New Orleans’ top running back after being selected as the Offensive Rookie of the Year last season.But while Kamara played a more versatile running and receiving role that Payton calls a ”Joker back,” Ingram was a force on more traditional runs.At only 5-foot-7, Scott is smaller than Ingram, but Payton won’t discount the rookie’s ability to compete for snaps Ingram might otherwise have gotten.”He’s shorter, but he’s built pretty well. He is someone who has good instincts,” Payton said.”It’s early, but he’s done some really good things. There’s a running ability he has as well. I wouldn’t look at him as a ”Joker” back, if you will. He’s got some of those traits, but he does a pretty good job with some of the in-line runs.”The preseason performance of Scott, a sixth-round draft choice out of Louisiana Tech, as well as that of Trey Edmunds, a second-year pro out of Maryland, could determine how the Saints cope with Ingram’s suspension.”I’m going to work Terron Armstead Jersey , do everything I can to learn the playbook and just grind,” Scott said. ”By the time preseason rolls around, I’ll be ready.”The Saints hope they’ve bolstered the passing game by adding receiver Cameron Meredith during free agency. Meredith led Chicago in receiving two seasons ago, but is coming back from a major knee injury that wiped out his 2017 season.Meredith did some route-running and catching on Thursday, after which Payton pronounced him ”way ahead of schedule.””He’s going to factor in this year,” Payton said.Meredith, meanwhile, discussed his motivation to regain his 2016 form.”It was a major injury. I’m not going to downplay it,” Meredith said. ”I’m excited to go out there and prove people wrong.”On defense, the Saints cannot yet be sure how well 2017 starting end Alex Okafor will come back from his torn Achilles.In the meantime, Davenport is expected to get a lot of offseason work as the Saints try to refine his pass-rushing skills in time for the fall.”He’s a tremendous worker,” Payton said. ”He’s coming along really well. There’s a strength element you feel.”The Saints expect the linebacker group to be strengthened by Davis, a former defensive leader with the New York Jets, as well as the return of second-year pro Alex Anzalone, who started four games as a rookie before the rest of his season was cut short by a shoulder injury.Both can play multiple roles.”I’m down with whatever my coaches want me to do,” Davis said. ”I’m here to win.”Robinson, Payton said, has returned to the club that drafted him in 2010 a more confident and capable player after winning a Super Bowl with Philadelphia last season.Robinson ”has played on the biggest stages and had success,” Payton said. ”It’s good seeing him back in our building.”Notes: Ingram was not at practice, even though the terms of his suspension allow him to participate in all offseason and preseason work. Payton said he disagreed with Ingram’s decision, but respects it and has had friendly phone conversations with Ingram about it. Brees said he also has spoken with Ingram, adding, ”I know Mark’s doing what he needs to do to get himself ready to play this season. He’s doing what’s best for him and therefor what’s best for the team.”— Now THAT was a complete win - utter domination for most of the game.It felt like smooth sailing for the most part Tre'Quan Smith Color Rush Jersey , but there were still plenty of ups and downs along the way. Here are a couple that stood out.Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty ImagesUp: Drew BreesLet’s get this one out of the way.Drew should be firmly planted into two very important conversations after his Monday Night Football performance against the Washington Redskins: 1) He is now cemented into the conversation for top three greatest QB to ever play the game, and 2) He should now be considered on the top three MVP candidates for 2018.What Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff are doing is great. But Drew Brees deserves and MVP. He’s the only quarterback in 2018 not to have thrown an interception, and with a Week 6 Bye, the streak will live on a bit longer.Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty ImagesUp: Mark IngramThe crowd was electric for Ingram’s pre-game introduction, and Ingram fed off that energy early in the game.Ingram’s end-of-game stats don’t look too impressive if you take away his two touchdown runs, but Ingram’s return showed how important he is when it’s less than a yard or two from a first down or goal line. Ingram’s skillset brings back a much-needed dimension to the Saints offense.Honestly, so many other players on offense stepped up, “Up”s could go out to nearly everyone, but let’s let Ingram have this one all by himself.#DeuceDeuceisLoosePhoto by Daniel Shirey/Getty ImagesDown: InjuriesAt one point in the game, it just felt like Saints defenders were dropping like flies.Marshon Lattimore. AJ Klein. Ken Crawley. Taylor Stallworth.Fortunately for the Saints, most of the injured defensive players were able to return later in the game. If there was ever a week for Saints players to get banged up, though, it would be the week before the bye. Lattimore was officially ruled with a concussion, forcing the Saints to turn to their back-up back-up cornerback (already forced to play PJ Williams in place of Patrick Robison, now on IR). Fortunately for the Saints, that back-up back-up is next on the list.Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY SportsUp: Justin HardeeForced into action on the defense, Hardee had himself a day. Yes, he got beat on a couple of deep plays, but he generally played pretty well. He also set up the Saints for another big touchdown on an interception and return, leaving the Saints with a first-and-goal to go.What’s even crazier to think about?That’s right.This was the first year Hardee has ever played cornerback.Maybe the Saints consider expanding his role on the defense?

The Steelers win over Baltimore wasn’t easy Mike Wagner Jersey , but it was their first complete game of the season. With no more division games left until a crucial contest in Week 17 against Cincy, the Steelers will get to measure themselves against the rest of the league. A good measuring stick is Cam Newton and the NFC South’s Panthers. If you want to know how my emotions fluctuated throughout the day, keep on reading.Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers’ most recent battle.Quarter 1Carolina isn’t the second-best running team in the league for nothing.The Steelers need to find a way to shadow McCaffrey.By the look of things Sean Davis Color Rush Jersey , this is a crucial third down already.There’s going to be a lot of trips to the end zone tonight.They gotta answer back.Wow! That was fast.Gotta love JuJu. Bradberry looked more like Ray Bradbury on that play.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY SportsThat’s a nice penalty.Nice all the way around. Watt made that happen. That would have been a safety. Great break on the ball by Vinny.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY SportsNewton was trying to save the safety. Bad move.Steelers need to get in a position where they force Cam into passing and neutralizing the run.Nice three and out.Haven’t seen a reverse in years. Nice call, Randy.Who says Jesse James can’t block?Conner is the most rootable Steeler since Rocky Bleier. VinnyVidiVici is having a great night.Quarter 2That Tide commercial with the Terrible Towels was very unrealistic. None of those fans look like Yinzers,The pass rush is definitely a key. Giving secondary time.15 yards for James Conner on what should have been a loss of two.Chuks Okorafor is mammoth.Who doesn’t love Rosie Nix?Aikman talking about Conner’s lack of explosiveness is verbal vomit.Fans could have gone to the concession stands and back with the time Ben had on that long pass to AB.Phillip G. Pavely-USA TODAY SportsJulius Peppers is amazing for an 80-year old man.Boswell crushed that ball. Nice!Defense is getting shredded on this drive. Gotta buckle down.Switzer is so quick. Can’t wait til he gets into the end zone.To quote my good buddy Mike, AB looked like he was going 100 mph on that play.Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images30 points by halftime is incredible.My 9-year old red-headed daughter doesn’t throw tantrums like that of Jackson on the Panther’s sideline.Definitely not an interception. Would have liked to have seen Edmunds get one.Great combat run by Ben.Quarter 3Let's score to start the half.Good first down throw to Switzer.Ya down with DHB? Yeah, you know me.I want the century mark for No. 30. He tripped there, could have had it on that last play. Primetime Ben is definitely a Nielsen hit tonight. That pass to Vance was incredible.Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty ImagesCarolina is getting chippy.This Bud’s for you. Time to remove the bust label.Burnett with a good tackle. He makes the defense better.Third down efficiency is really amazing.Wait! Why is Conner in the blue tent?Eric Reid is a punk.The O-Line definitely has Ben’s back. They will fight for him.Ejection? Pretty surprised. But good.Good. Conner is back.Que Cher , “Just Like Jesse James”.I never expected this.Nix is such an asset everywhere he plays.Quarter 4Good for Samuels.Most points in the history of Heinz Field. Is it too greedy to ask for 60?I’m cool with Conner calling it a night. Not comfortable with the trip to the locker room.Glad Roethlisberger is out. That’s one of the greatest performances ever by BB.Let’s see what Dobbs can do.Burns and Matakevich are in. Welcome to garbage time.And Burns is back on the bench.Told y’all to take the over.Hahaha! Carolina’s Kyle Love is asleep on the bench.Ridley is running well, as well.Another complete game. Great team win. Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty as I replay the game more and more in my head, my perceptions and maybe my prescriptions will alter. But for now, you just got a glimpse of the first thoughts that popped in my mind while I was watching this game. Feel free to get your knee jerks on in the comments section. The frustrations of wide receiver Antonio Brown were one of the storylines from a drama-filled opening month for the Steelers and he capped the first quarter of the season with five catches for 62 yards and a touchdown in a loss to the Ravens.Just one of those catches came after halftime of a game that was tied 14-14 at the break and the Ravens would score the only 12 points of the second half on their way to the win. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger took the blame for the offensive flameout and said after the game that he’s not on the “same page” with anyone right now.Head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that he remains confident that “the cream rises” over the course of a long season and that will wind up applying to Brown as well.“We missed some opportunities in that game no doubt, particularly on possession downs,” Tomlin said Jordan Berry Jersey , via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’ve seen that tandem a lot of the years. They’ll smooth it out. They’ll find their rhythm.”Brown hasn’t lacked opportunities as he’s seen the second-most targets in the league, but he hasn’t done much with them. He’s caught 29 of the 52 balls thrown his way for 272 yards, which works out to under 10 yards a catch and leaves Brown on pace for a career-low in that category.

It’s been said that the Rams are like a younger version of the Saints , specifically they borrow from the 06-09 iterations of the team.From the 09’ team the dynamic between Wade Phillips and Sean McVay is very easily comparable to that of Sean Payton and Gregg Williams in that all are aggressive coaches.Well minus the drama Offensively they are lead by a young gun slinger in Jared Goff who has a knack for getting the ball to the open receivers that McVay schemes up within his system, and is adept at pushing the ball downfield on the called shot plays.Heck, one Todd Gurley equals the combination of a healthy 06’ Deuce McCallister and Reggie Bush.Defensively they are lead by a talented defensive line that is headlined by star defensive tackle Aaron Donald who wrecks games in a way that former Saints 1st round pick Sedrick Ellis was meant to.I almost feel like Blades tagline fits here “All of their strengths, but none of their weaknesses”.Keyword there is ALMOSTInherently they actually suffer from a few of the Same issues New Orleans suffered through during that time and the biggest issue is their lack of size, and simply put - big people beat up little people.In the midst of his bounty gate suspension Sean would have a conversation with mentor Bill Parcells and return with a bigger, faster, stronger mantra as it pertained to drafting and free agent acquisitions.Every now and again New Orleans will make an exception(Brandin Cooks and Sheldon Rankins), but it’s rare because, as Parcells often said, if you let a few in Trey Hendrickson Jersey , pretty soon you’ll have a team full of them.In order for an “exception” to win them over he must have an overwhelming trait available that compensates for what would be considered short comings (no pun intended). In respects to the aforementioned, it would be speed for Cooks, and intelligence/character for Rankins and as it pertains to the former he is now the feature wide receiver on a Los Angelas Rams team who’s cup runneth over with exceptions.He joins Robert Woods (both under 200 lbs) as undersized speed threats on the offensive side of the ball.Conversely, New Orleans doesn’t have a corner on the roster under 6’0 195 lbs with the exception of Crawley.That same problem also manifest on the defensive side of the ball where both Rams’ inside line backers Mark Barron (a former safety) and Corey Littleton barely tip the scales at 230 lbs.Aaron Donald, while amazing, is only 290 lbs (small for a defensive tackle) and their free safety Lemarcus Joyner is 5’8 191. I’ll say it again, big people beat up little people.Payton’s teams of old were considered finesse for a reason and while a lot of it had to do with style of play there was a tiny singe of it that had to do with how the team was built.They just weren’t physically imposing to go along with not really playing a physical brand of football.It was those teams that would go against NFC North or AFC North squads like the Bears and Ravens and get squashed because stylistically they weren’t great matches.Guess what brand of ball the Rams play?Am I saying it’s a significant advantage?No...because there are guys like Cooks (who burned Rams for 2 TD’s in 2016), Barry Sanders, Darren Sproles, Sam Mills Josh Hill Color Rush Jersey , and Tyrann Mathieu that make you look at and value smaller players a differentlyStill, David triumphing over Goliath is such a miraculous tale simply because the featdoesn’t happen very much. METAIRIE, La. (AP) — Newly signed veteran cornerback Marcus Williams and safety Robert Nelson have joined the New Orleans Saints at training camp.The roster moves announced Sunday by coach Sean Payton give the Saints two players in the secondary named Marcus Williams, the other being a second-year safety and 2017 second-round draft choice.The newly acquired Williams has played four NFL seasons, mostly with the New York Jets, for whom he played 39 games with 14 starts. He was traded last season to Houston and played in 10 games there as a reserve, intercepting one pass.Nelson also is entering his fifth NFL season. He played in seven games for Cleveland in 2014, 11 for Houston in 2016 and two last season with the Jets.Payton says the club waived guard Trevor Darling and defensive back De’Vante Harris to make room on the 90-man training camp roster for the new defensive backs.41View Gallery Gallery:PHOTOS: Saints open preseason with 24-20 loss at JacksonvilleDouglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports | Douglas DeFelice

Time For The First Semester FinalOur Los Angeles Rams are at the halfway point during the 2018 season as the only undefeated team at 8-0. They head out on the road to face-off against the 6-1 New Orleans Saints in Week 9 headed up by Head Coach Sean Payton , a offensive guru with future Hall of Famer QB Drew Brees leading his offense.The collective wisdom of most national pundits has the Rams losing this game. Why? Is it the fact the Saints are the second best team in the NFC Conference having run up six straight victories against opposition the pundits do respect?Is it that they’re at home?Is it simply that many expect the Rams to lose a game at some point and this is as good as any?I’m requesting for this exam that we put ours feeling aside for moment and take hard look at this game based on football knowledge. I’m giving students the chance in the comment section to answer four easy questions for our halfway through the year exam. Grades will be assessed not on the conclusions as to whether your picking the Rams or Saints to win, but on the analysis which led to the conclusion.Here’s the four easy questions:Is the Saints offense better then the Rams? Why or why not?Is the Saints defense better then the Rams? Why or why not?Is the Saints special teams better then the Rams? Why or why not?The final question is on the X-factor. Correct answers will be given extra credit:Is the fact that the Rams will playing a road game in the Dome against the Saints that much different from the Rams playing at home before hostile crowds in the Coliseum?I’m looking forward to reading your comments/answers because I believe that an appropriate analysis will get you the right answer on who wins this game and most importantly, why. Rams injury report: full strength | Rams WireRB Todd Gurley was the only player not to participate in Wednesday’s practice. That’s huge. And Gurley wasn’t hurt, he’s just big time and doesn’t need practice. I mean that.Rams Super Bowl-or-bust season rests with its defense | ESPNLindsey Thiry takes a deep look into the Rams’ season so far and what it will take for them to get to the Super Bowl. (WATCH) Rams players appear on the Ellen Show | Fox SportsOur very own 3K was all over this video when it came out because... what can we say John Sullivan Color Rush Jersey , the man loves his Ellen and anytime LT Andrew Whitworth (Ol’ AW) appears in an interview. It’s funny and worth the watch. And who shops for QB Jared Goff, Stitch Fix?Five stats to know about the Rams-Seahawks game | Rams WireCameron DaSilva provides exactly what Rams fans need: perspective about the upcoming game with the Seahawks. (WATCH) Rams and Saints swap spots on power rankings | NBC SportsLos Angeles Rams fans can’t be too surprised by this. It’s all about who you beat recently.Vegas thinks the Seahawks are going to get blasted by Rams | 12th Man RisingThe odds are in the Rams’ favor, but you knew this. However, this is worth the look because it gets into the dirty details of what the Rams are facing on Sunday.Seahawks in playoff contention despite offseason remake | ESPNDon’t look now Todd Gurley Color Rush Jersey , but the Seattle Seahawks are playing better than expected.

Some great coaches also have great “coaching trees ,” a list of assistants who became successful head coaches in their own rights.And then there’s Bill Belichick.Belichick has had one of the most successful careers in NFL history, but his coaching tree has laid an egg. Of the five Belichick assistants in New England who have gone on to become NFL head coaches, none has had a particularly impressive record. Here are those five coaches:Bill O’Brien: 42-38 (1-3 in playoffs)Eric Mangini: 33-47 (0-1 in playoffs)Romeo Crennel: 28-55 (never made playoffs)Josh McDaniels: 11-17 (never made playoffs)Matt Patricia: 6-10 (never made playoffs)(Three other coaches — Nick Saban, Jim Schwartz and Al Groh — became NFL head coaches after working under Belichick in Cleveland, but none of those coaches got their head-coaching jobs on the strength of their work for Belichick, so we’ll set them aside here.)And now Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores is expected to become the next head coach of the Dolphins. Just because Belichick’s previous assistants haven’t done particularly well as head coaches doesn’t mean that Flores can’t. But he’s going up against a trend that may make some Dolphins fans nervous. The Patriots won the battle of the GOATs (haha) against the Packers on Sunday night. Here are my quick-hit thoughts from the game. In case you’re a new reader, these are my in-game notes that will break down individual plays and drives. Here we go:I have to believe the Patriots intentionally brought in Fran Rogers to sing the National Anthem. Aaron must know he’s not the only talented Rogers in the building. It must be messing with his head pre game.Both the Patriots and Packers start their first drives without a huddle. Works very well for both teams, but the Packers stall in the red zone. Their screen call on 3rd and goal from the 15 was just bizarre. That call on Patrick Chung for holding Jimmy Graham on that first drive is just terrible. The Patriots then go four-and-out after a first down on the drive’s first play. When it looked like they’d be flipping field position, Ryan Allen booms a punt and pinned the Packers deep in their own end. The Packers only rush three on the sack of Brady but drop a ton of guys off the line and confuse the Patriots offensive line. Never a good sign when they rush three and two get into the backfield.The Patriots bring pressure and Devin McCourty forces an incompletion from Aaron Rodgers which in turn forces a Packers punt. After a great catch by Josh Gordon on the sideline, they run a Flea Flickahh to Edelman down to the 10.But they finish the drive in disappointment in only a FG. The big play was Edelman not looking for the ball on 2nd down. Yes, there was a guy there, but I think Edelman breaks that tackle and walks into the end zoneHeck of a play by Davante Adams to knock the ball away from Stephon Gilmore on what would’ve been a sure interception. The Patriots force a punt on the next play thanks to some pressure up the middle by Adam Butler. Kenjon Barner decleats Clay Matthews on the first play of the next drive, but the Patriots go three-and-out after Josh Gordon can’t keep his second foot in on what would’ve been a sensational catch. Adrian Clayborn should be cut immediately. I have yet to see him make a play. He gets fooled badly by Rodgers and was unable to pressure him at the goal line, which allows him to find Adams for a touchdown to tie the game.The Packers decision to throw three consecutive times from the 2 when they have to gain less than two on any given carry this game is just plain stupid though. They may have scored, but that decision made absolutely no sense. James White just has a Charlie horse. James White just has a Charlie horse. James White just has a Charlie horse. James White just has a Charlie horse. Cordarrelle Patterson may not be a running back, but damn does he run hard. May want to invest in some tear-away shirts though. Rodgers can take a shot at the crown here. Has a chance for the Brady Parlay (a score right before the half and then a score on the first possession of the second half) Steve Grogan Color Rush Jersey , let’s see what he does with it.Clayborn finally makes a play, but the strip goes out of bounds. But he does force them to punt. So Rodgers does not complete the Brady Parlay. Overall, an up and down first half, but the Patriots have the lead, so it’s not all bad. Need to see more out of the offense, but I’ve loved Patterson at running back this half. Hope they keep it up in the 2nd half. After the Packers tie it on the first drive of the second half, the Patriots drive stalls at the goal line when Brady and Gordon can’t hook up on 4th down. Hate them calling pass plays on 3rd and 4th down in that situation. The Patriots do nothing to capitalize off a roughing the kicker penalty. The drive ends with Brady making a particularly bad throw on 3rd down, missing a wide open Chris Hogan. The third quarter ends with Aaron Rodgers making two nice throws and Marquez Valdez-Scantling making two fantastic catches to drive the Packers all the way to the Patriots 34 after having 3rd and short deep in their territory. The Patriots are going to need to step it up on offense in the fourth if they expect to have a chance to win this game. They start the quarter with a great strip by Lawrence Guy and a very heads-up recovery by Stephon Gilmore. Let’s see if the offense can make something happenMore trickeration! After a 3rd and long completion to Phillip Dorsett, Brady throws behind the line to Edelman who throws it across the field to James White, who follows a caravan down to the 2. White cashes in with his second rushing touchdown of the night three plays later. Adrian Clayborn makes another play! But let’s not get carried away, it was only a half sack with Flowers getting the other half.Gordon with a huge play for the touchdown! I thought the throw was going to be late, but Brady got it in just in time, and Gordon broke the arm tackle and walked in 55 yards later.Clayborn with two plays on the ensuing drive by the Packers, one of them didn’t count because of a penalty, but he pushes the pocket and forces the bad throw by Rodgers on fourth down. He must have heard me ranting on here, and in the stands Trey Flowers Jersey , and stepped his game up.Brady quick snaps to catch the Packers with 12 men on the field, then hits Josh Gordon to pick up a first down to almost seal the game, then a reverse to Edelman gets the final first down of the game. The Patriots weren’t perfect, but they played good enough to win. They’re missing a ton of players, and not just role players, great players, and they still win these games. No Rob Gronkowski, no Sony Michel, no Shaq Mason — and they still put up 31 points. Davante Adams is a beast, and Stephon Gilmore shut him down tonight. He is becoming one of the best corners in the league, and is a huge weapon for the Patriots on defense. I’d be surprised to see either Gronk or Michel next week in Tennessee. You obviously want them in the game as much as you can, but I want them healthy in January. If sitting them out another game helps make that possible, I’m on board. Pat is the host of The Patriot Nation PodcastInteract with him on Twitter @plane_pats

The latestChiefs’ Patrick Mahomes off to historic start to season (projections) | NFL Timing is everything: Chiefs’ defense gears up for sudden-change situations | The Wichita EagleKliff Kingsbury reflects on 2016 Mahomes-Mayfield shootout with OU on tap: ‘The greatest offensive output in college football’ | SportsDayNFL Power Rankings: Steelers might end up being the contender we thought they’d be | Yahoo! SportsChiefs don’t appear poised to pull off any deals before NFL’s trade deadline | Kansas City StarSammy Watkins has his best day with the Chiefs | ESPNHere’s what the NFL playoff picture looks like at the halfway point | SB NationAround the leagueBrowns fire Hue Jackson Spencer Ware Jersey Salute to Service , promote Gregg Williams | NFLL.A. Rams, QBs like Patrick Mahomes help NFL TV ratings trend upward midway through season | USA TodayNFL trade deadline tracker: Who might be moved? | NFLRanking the 9 dumbest mistakes you might have missed from NFL Sunday in Week 8 | SB NationIn case you missed it at Arrowhead PrideDee Ford is having his best season, and the Chiefs know itReport: Anthony Hitchens suffered “severely bruised ribs” against Broncos (updated with quotes from Andy Reid)Clark Hunt on Eric Berry: “It literally is day to day”...Social Media Information:AP Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageAP Instagram: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Twitter: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Editor-in-Chief: Pete Sweeney: Follow @pgsween610 Sports Twitter: Follow @610SportsKC With six jobs filled and two more tentatively earmarked for folks other than Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, why didn’t Bieniemy get one of the eight open spots in the current cycle?A strong argument could be made for Bieniemy. He’s in the spot that has produced Eagles coach Doug Pederson and Bears coach Matt Nagy, both of whom have quickly become great head coaches. The Chiefs offense found a higher level this year, in Bieniemy’s first season as the O.C.“I think the biggest difference is the mentality,鈥?Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said on the #PFTPM podcast in late September regarding the transition from Nagy to Bieniemy. 鈥淐oach Bieniemy brings a fierce, aggressive mentality to the offense. Kind of a gritty Mitch Morse Jersey , punch-you-in-the-mouth-type of mindset, and I think that has rubbed off on everybody, from Pat [Mahomes] throwing the ball aggressively down field. The play calling is a little bit more aggressive and, sure enough, everybody getting the ball has been a north runner. There鈥檚 not too much running sideways. Everybody鈥檚 getting downhill trying to finish the plays in the end zone.鈥漈he problem is that Bieniemy doesn’t call plays. Then again, Nagy only called plays for half of a season in 2017, a season that saw the offense sputter after a strong start to the season.The explanation could be more about the pursuit of quarterback whisperers, and Bieniemy’s lack of background in that area.“I think the big thing is teams are looking for quarterback guys Limited Chris Conley Jersey ,” one league source opined to PFT. “Matt, Doug are both former quarterbacks and former quarterback coaches.” Bieniemy isn’t.There’s still a belief in Kansas City that Bieniemy will become a great coach someday. For now, the Chiefs benefit. Then again, they likely benefit either way; they’ve done a great job filling the pipeline with more great offensive coordinators, as their offensive coordinators become great coaches.

CLEVELAND (AP) — The Los Angeles Chargers woke up to overcast skies Brandon Mebane Color Rush Jersey , brisk temperatures and light rain falling outside their downtown hotel.It was far from a picturesque Monday in Cleveland, but wide receiver Tyrell Williams found beauty in the classic fall conditions.“There’s really no other place I’d rather be,” the fourth-year pro said. “I’m just having fun. It’s a cool experience.“We’re on a road trip, we get to go to London and we play in the NFL. So if you’ve got complaints with that, you’ve got something wrong with you.”Williams and the Chargers made themselves right at home on the road Sunday, blowing out the Browns 38-14 for their third straight victory.Instead of flying back to the West Coast following the win, they will spend four more days in Northeast Ohio, preparing for their Sunday game against the Titans at Wembley Stadium in England.Los Angeles’ team plane won’t touch down in California again until the early hours of Oct. 22.“Being on the road for two weeks, it’s kind of cool, like this whole gladiator mentality,” said nose tackle Damion Square, who had 1½ sacks of Cleveland rookie Baker Mayfield. “You’ve got to move on the run and we’ve got things to do, but we’ve still got business to handle.”Williams caught a pair of touchdown passes and Melvin Gordon had a career-high three rushing scores against the Browns, keeping Los Angeles as the only NFL team with three or more offensive TDs in every game this season.Philip Rivers has 15 touchdowns to three interceptions, ranks second in the league with a 115.1 passer rating and is the main reason why the Chargers are 4-2. The only AFC team with a better record is Kansas City at 5-1.“People see that we ran for 246 yards yesterday, but Philip is a big part of that process,” Los Angeles coach Anthony Lynn said. “First of all, he threw a number of big passes and he got us in most of those runs. Philip is a quarterback that can get you in the right front for the runs, and he does a heck of a job in the run game.”The 36-year-old Rivers and his teammates won’t return to the practice field until Wednesday, but took part in mandatory morning meetings before breaking off into position groups.More than a dozen players plan on using their day off to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton (an hour drive to the south), while others intend to explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (a mile walk to the north).Lynn promises that the Chargers will do much more sightseeing in London later in the week.“This can be a galvanizing experience for our football team,” the coach said. “We’re a pretty tight group, but it can definitely bring a team together even more.“I’ll give you an example. I went out to have a steak last night and I saw all of our guys having dinner there, too. Just eating lunch and hanging out together for an entire week is a real positive thing.”Williams noted that staying in five-star hotels with NFL-provided per diems isn’t too shabby, either.“In college at Western Oregon, we always had long road trips, like a 28-hour bus ride to Utah and a 24-hour bus trip to Los Angeles Michael Schofield Color Rush Jersey ,” he said, breaking into a smile. “I know it takes a while to get to London, but this is a little better now.” What some are calling the NFL’s Game of the Year already has made huge headlines by being moved out of Mexico City because of poor playing conditions. Chiefs-Rams is back in Los Angeles, in prime time and, if it lives up to its billing, could be a wild, high-scoring affair.Regardless of who wins, both clubs figure to be in the Super Bowl mix. And because of the extracurriculars associated with Monday night’s meeting, perhaps it won’t be a fair measurement which is the superior team.Who cares?For a mid-November match, fans can’t ask for much better than a pair of 9-1 teams with powerhouse offenses and stars galore — leading MVP contenders Todd Gurley of Los Angeles and Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City for starters — going at it as the only show in town. No matter which town.It’s the first meeting in NFL history this late in a season between two teams averaging 33 points per game.“He’s made some plays that you sit back and you can’t help but just say, ‘Wow, what a great play,'” Rams coach Sean McVay says of Mahomes, who leads the NFL in yards passing (3,150). Rams QB Jared Goff is second (3,134).Mahomes set a Chiefs record with an NFL-best 31st TD pass of the season last week. Len Dawson had held that KC record since 1964.Gurley paces the NFL in scoring (108 points), yards rushing (988), carries (198), yards from scrimmage (1,390) and touchdowns (17). He has scored a touchdown in 13 consecutive games, extending his own franchise record.“He is a heck of a player. A great player,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid says when asked how to slow Gurley. “You have to be disciplined. They’re a disciplined offense, so you have to be disciplined from a defensive standpoint. Then practice that way and then you go play.”OK, guys, go play. Let America watch what could be a classic.The weekend began Thursday night with Seattle’s 27-24 home victory over Green Bay. Russell Wilson threw for 225 yards and his 15-yard touchdown pass to Ed Dickson with 5:08 left was the difference. Seattle (5-5) snapped a two-game losing streak. Green Bay dropped to 4-5-1.Off this week are New England (7-3), the New York Jets (3-7), Miami (5-5) Tyrell Williams Color Rush Jersey , Cleveland (3-6-1), San Francisco (2-8) and Buffalo (3-7).MINNESOTA (5-3-1) at CHICAGO (6-3)We soon will find out if the Bears are for real. They are on top of the NFC North, now face the defending division winners, then in a ridiculously short turnaround from Sunday night, they play the early Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit. They also have the Rams and Packers on the road in December.Two of the NFL’s stingiest and most physical defenses should be main factors Sunday.Minnesota has allowed an average of only 252.5 yards over last four games, winning three. It did so missing some starters. Safety Harrison Smith likes seeing the Bears: Smith has four interceptions and six passes defended in 10 career games vs. Chicago.Chicago dropped 10 in a row against the NFC North before beating Detroit last Sunday. It leads the NFL with 16 interceptions, and ranks second with 24 takeaways.HOUSTON (6-3) at WASHINGTON (6-3)Two also-rans of 2017 now leading their divisions.The Texans have won six in a row and come off a bye. Key personnel such as DE J.J. Watt and QB Deshaun Watson were injured last year and are now playing at peak efficiency.If Watson gets time to throw — Houston has surrendered 30 sacks — DeAndre Hopkins will be the biggest challenge to cover. He has four games with 10-plus catches, 100-plus yards and a touchdown through the air. That’s most in the league since the start of 2017, and Hopkins has five TD catches over the past four games. .Washington has showed some balance on offense, but the defense has been a major factor in its strong year. It has forced a turnover in 13 consecutive games, the NFL’s longest active streak.TENNESSEE (5-4) at INDIANAPOLIS (4-5)Suddenly, there’s a race in the AFC South, and the Colts could get even more involved with a fourth consecutive victory. But the Titans, coming off their best game by far in an upset of the Patriots, have won six straight within the division.Of course, Andrew Luck was not in the lineup for any of those; Luck is 9-0 in starts against Tennessee.“I’m aware of it,” Luck says. “But what’s happened has happened, and good, bad or ugly, it doesn’t really matter.”The Titans have the league’s No. 1 scoring defense, allowing 16.8 points a game, and have yielded a league-low 16 touchdowns.PHILADELPHIA (4-5) at NEW ORLEANS (8-1)New Orleans looks like the NFL’s top team right now, and the Eagles don’t resemble their title-winning squad of last season.Injuries are damaging Philly’s defense at a really bad time. A banged-up secondary takes on Drew Brees and his assortment of helpers. The Saints have scored at least 40 points in five games this season, the third team in NFL history to score 40 in five of the first nine. Brees is completing 77.1 percent of his passes, has thrown for 21 TDs with one interception, and has a 123.8 passer rating.Michael Thomas is tied for the NFL lead with 78 catches, ranks second with 950 yards Derek Watt Color Rush Jersey , while Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram form a formidable and versatile backfield.PITTSBURGH (6-2-1) at JACKSONVILLE (3-6)The Steelers will be wise to look forward and not back at their last encounter with the Jaguars. Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh twice last season, including a 45-42 playoff shocker at Heinz Field.Thinking revenge would be foolish because the Steelers are on a roll. Well, so are the Jags: Pittsburgh has won five in a row, Jacksonville has dropped that many consecutively.Steelers running back James Conner has not allowed the team to regret the contract impasse that has led to Le’Veon Bell sitting out the season. Conner is the eighth player in team history with at least 10 rushing touchdowns, leads the AFC in rushing, and is expected to play after being placed in concussion protocol following last week’s win over Carolina.CINCINNATI (5-4) at BALTIMORE (4-5)Cincinnati brings a historically leaky defense to Baltimore, which might be without regular quarterback Joe Flacco (hip). That would mean either first-round pick Lamar Jackson or veteran Robert Griffin III will try to further expose that Bengals unit.The Bengals have won eight of the last 10 in the series, but they fired first-year defensive coordinator Teryl Austin after a 51-14 loss to the Saints, the second-most points allowed in franchise history. They became the first team in the Super Bowl era to give up 500 yards in three straight games and are on pace to give up an NFL-record 7,273 yards.Head coach Marvin Lewis takes over defensive coordinator duties, too.DALLAS (4-5) at ATLANTA (4-5)The Falcons appeared ready to take a role in the playoff race with three successive wins. Then, they put forth a stinker at Cleveland.Meanwhile, the Cowboys seemed headed toward irrelevance before they went into Philadelphia and outplayed the Super Bowl champions.Dallas will want to run with Zeke Elliott, who’s second in the NFL in rushing behind Gurley after gaining 151 yards against the Eagles. Atlanta will want to throw: Matt Ryan has seven games with a QB rating over 100 and six games with more than 300 yards passing, while Julio Jones became the fastest player in NFL history with more than 10,000 yards receiving.CAROLINA (6-3) at DETROIT (3-6)Both teams would like to forget last week’s poor performances.Carolina leads this infrequent series 6-2 and remains in good position in the wild-card race with a victory. Detroit needs an immediate turnaround to get into contention.If this is close, expect Cam Newton and Co. to win. Since 2013, the Panthers are 26-14 in games decided by seven points or fewer. They have won five straight games decided by three or fewer.Newton has thrown at least two TD passes in eight straight games, the longest streak in franchise history.DENVER (3-6) at LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (7-2)While the Rams grab the headlines in LA, the Chargers keep grabbing victories. They could get help in the AFC West if their neighbors knock off KC, too.The Chargers are a league-best 13-3 since Week 9 of last season. Their six-game winning streak marks the 11th time since the merger they had a streak of six or more. Philip Rivers has thrown for two or more TDs in nine straight games. Only five quarterbacks in league history have a string of 10 or more games.TAMPA BAY (3-6) at NEW YORK GIANTS (2-7)Saturday’s Notre Dame-Syracuse matchup in the New York area figures to be more fun than this, although the Bucs usually pile up the yards in passing offense and the Giants come off a stirring Eli Manning-led comeback win.Tampa has lost three in row and six of seven, while New York broke a five-game slide on Monday night. Bucs wideouts Mike Evans (13 catches for 217 yards and a TD in two games) and DeSean Jackson (five touchdowns in the last six games) have feasted on the Giants’ defense.OAKLAND (1-8) at ARIZONA (2-7)The lowest-ranked teams in the AP Pro32 face off with the Cardinals coming off a solid effort at Kansas City. The Raiders? They seem to have fallen into the Black Hole, outscored 54-9 in the last two games.Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald needs eight receptions to surpass Jerry Rice for the most catches for one team.

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