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In his final days cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos, the White mage had a feeling that something dark was coming he put in motion one last master plan. Since there was a possibility that he would not be around to oversee the strategy himself, particular pieces were created to only activate under specific conditions and only in the proper times. If a great evil threatens the entire world then what is one of the greatest methods to counter it? Easy, travel back in time and prevent the evil!

After an unknown amount of time doing research from the White mage and countless different events being triggered, the moment arrives for his strategy to trigger. A powerful relic from a different measurement (Antellion) bends time and space, which traps the Black Mage as if his seal had just been produced by the mythical heroes! However, there's a problem. The relic was only a small fragment of something much larger and as a result, that the Maple world wasn't changed back to the way it was in the past but instead got shattered and warped through the new sealing procedure. The Black Mage was utterly defeated but Maple world would be changed forever. It was a victory but at what price?

Sport changes:Maplestory divides into 3 or 4 match universes.Maple central - A significantly stripped down version of the world we know. The major landmarks are the exact same however, the geography and dinosaurs are wholly changed. Grandis, Versal and possibly the new Krakia - Mostly unexplored and only limited information available.Each account selects one character to be its "main". This major character can travel to some of the universes through the dimensional portal. Each world is another entity that has to be logged into individually. A players character information stays the exact same but where they could go is adjusted. You can only be logged into a buy Maplestory Mesos single universe at a time but can freely jump between them in the entire world select screen.

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