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Perhaps because we have some regrets in our hearts, we have tried hard to restore various events. Or perhaps because in reality, the performance is not complete, it will restore the scenes of various scenes in the dream of nothingness. However, if you want to solve the pollution source of the environment at present, if you want to restore more beautiful blue of the sky, presumably this should be the biggest compulsory subject that challenges human wisdom in the future. This is definitely a serious and serious long-term test. ����Inscriptions have been walking in the world for decades. I have seen N colors, favorite, and most want to see, or the blue like the sea in the top of the head. In the childhood impression, the sky will show different blues when the season comes Wholesale Cigarettes... When the winter arrives, the sky wears a light blue shirt; when the autumn comes, the sky is replaced by the deep squat The sapphire blue trench coat; when the spring arrives, the sky is matched with the exciting blue T-shirt; when the summer comes, the sky has been beautifully replaced with the most beautiful skirt of the blue, and now the squatting waits for the opportunity, the sky has long been Secretly crying, the earth is also worried about going out of the heart. To make matters worse, this will make us humans and nature more and more unbearable. Nowadays, it is common to see such a sky, and occasionally gently leaning against the window bar, but I hear the wind whispering. In the morning, I saw a very peaceful smile Newport 100S, and the blink of an eye was the yellow sand. Ten miles long street, dust can be seen everywhere. Even though it is close to the thin shadow of the shallow sun, it has never felt a little warm. The cloud, if it is trembled, the sky seems to be sighing. The flowers are soft and floating, and the leaves are swaying and messy. A group of Fang Jiao Jiao, who provoke who pity? The mysterious day, such as Sichuan Opera changed face. It��s hard to be unbeaten. It��s natural to see it in the air, and it seems that I��ve been seeing one after another in the afternoon after being haunted by the haze, I can��t help but pick up the bright smile on the evening sky. Dust and smoke is light and cold, mapping the eyes, but a weak and thin pen, it is difficult to clean the blue sky above the head. How many people's hearts are sad and messy? Even if you don��t leave home, you don��t feel bright and warm. Looking at the suspended dust and smoke, I couldn't help but grieve at the tip of the pen. I really don't know how long it will take to restore the dream's paintings Newport Cigarettes. Once again, I walked through the path, and the path was stunned. I don't want to think about the hidden worries of the past, I dare not face up to the sorrows conveyed by people's eyes, and lighten those memory fragments into a light smoke, let them take refuge in the depths of the soul. I am not sure how far the road to environmental protection is Marlboro Gold, and I don��t want too much complexity to hang in my heart. For some solutions that have not yet been resolved Parliament Cigarettes, there is not much to say about it. I just want to return to nature. I just want to change the visual impact of the sky. The earthquake is extremely strong and regrets our hearts. The air is so victorious that the new flowers are so beautiful? It is hoped that these creatures with spiritual charms can feel the earth. Focusing on green travel is inevitable in the future. I hope that it will still be saved. If these environmentally damaging sources have to change the bad environment around them, they must start small things. The government should use every green commemorative day to publicize environmental awareness, let people read and circulate environmental books, newspapers and periodicals, understand the signs and meanings of green foods, and recognize the importance of environmental protection signs to enhance publicity and strengthen environmental awareness. These are closely related to the common people of our ordinary people, such as walking as much as possible, or cycling, reducing energy emissions, spitting in public places, not smoking, protecting flowers and trees, not wasting food, using detergents, cooling and heating appliances Use more than one water, do not use pesticides, protect wild animals, not destroy the original ecology of nature, use energy-saving lamps, use less plastic products, do not use disposable items, do not throw old batteries, and classify garbage in time. Waste recycling and reuse, etc., which not only reduces pollution, but also wastes resources and inks, and outlines the years that are not old. The meticulous papers are laid out in four colors. Time slipped so inadvertently, never fixed for someone at a certain moment. The flower style accepted the invitation of the spring, and the wind stunned the summer to understand the sorrowfulness of the summer. The deciduous poems praised the bleakness of autumn. After the meditation of Qingyang, I understood the cold and cool snow of winter... I sincerely for the space in the earth. Survivors, splashing a little ink, compose a praise song cherishing life and health, the premise is that everyone must pay attention to the concept of environmental protection, for our bright future, let us look forward to, smog is just a passerby with you and me Let us pray together, the blue sky can maintain the original face for a long time, let the earth grow up with us and grow up healthily, protect the environment, treat nature well, and don��t delay for a moment.
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