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On Sunday Youth Mitch Morse Jersey , the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Arizona Cardinals 26-14 at Arrowhead Stadium, extending their record to 9-1 on the season.Here are five hot takes from the game:1. Patrick Mahomes is mortalPhoto by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesIt seems a bit ridiculous to say such a thing about a quarterback who just broke a franchise passing touchdown that has stood for more than 50 years — especially when he did it in only 10 games — but it’s nonetheless true.But here is the amazing thing: it’s not because Mahomes threw three picks, or was suddenly unable to make plays under an unrelenting pass rush.That’s what you’d usually see with a first-year starter when he’s sacked five times for the first time in his career.But it’s not what we saw from Mahomes.Even though he threw for less than 300 yards for the first time since Week 1, he still completed 75 percent of his throws and ended the game with a stellar passer rating of 125.4.On two different drives, he picked up first downs with his legs.Unlike so many other players with his experience, he kept his cool and didn’t make mistakes trying to make plays that weren’t there.This young man is smart, fearless — and even better — unflappable.Even with an offensive line that was — for the first time this season — unable to protect him adequately, he didn’t let it affect him and played a solid game.This young man may be mortal, but that’s OK.The greatest quarterbacks who have ever played this game have been mortal, too.There’s no doubt in my mind: he’s going to stand among them — if not above them.2. The Cardinals defense is no jokePhoto by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesHead coach Andy Reid told us this week that the Cardinals defense wasn’t a defense we should overlook.“Defensively, they are as good as anybody in the National Football League,” Reid said during his Wednesday press conference. “We have to make sure that we get ourselves ready on both sides of the ball.”We often tend to dismiss these kinds of remarks from head coaches in the week before the game — especially if the team in question is 2-6.After all, no head coach is going to stand before the press and say that the upcoming opponent is terrible!But in this case, Reid was right.We knew Arizona’s main problem was its offense — teams don’t tend to dismiss their offensive coordinators at midseason when the offense is doing well — and still, many fans confidently predicted the Chiefs would hang 40 points on the Cardinals. But then Arizona held the red-hot Chiefs offense to just 26 points — the fewest number of points they’ve scored this season.Without Justin Houston’s fourth-quarter interception — which gave the Chiefs the ball at the Cardinals’ 31 — it’s entirely possible the Chiefs wouldn’t have scored again after Mahomes’ record-setting touchdown pass in the second quarter.If new offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich can get the offense playing well, the Cardinals could be a tough team to beat down the stretch.Thankfully, that problem will be left for other teams to solve.3. For a change, the Chiefs defense was no jokePhoto by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesThe Chiefs held the Cardinals to just 260 yards of offense, which should allow the Chiefs defense to inch up a bit in the total yardage rankings that its detractors have been watching so intently this season.But the bigger story is that the Chiefs held the Cardinals to just 14 points — one of the lowest point totals of the season.To be sure, this was against an offense that hasn’t been very impressive to date, so let’s not get too excited about that.But it’s OK to gain some confidence in a defense that continues to make plays when it matters most — with two timely interceptions and several sacks at key moments in the game.This is especially true when you consider that at first glance, Leftwich appeared to do exactly what AP’s Craig Stout was worried about this week: to have a game plan that depended on a running game and short passes that would force the Chiefs into staying in their base alignment. Cardinals running back David Johnson — whom Revenge of the Birds writer Seth Cox warned us was a player to watch — had 183 yards from scrimmage, but the Cardinals only scored on two of their 11 drives.Whether the Chiefs can continue to do as well if a more potent offense attempts a similar game plan — for example, one (or both) of those NFL teams from Los Angeles — remains to be seen.But for the moment, the Chiefs defense picked a great week to hold the opponent to so few points.Without their effort Youth Kareem Hunt Jersey , the Chiefs could easily have lost this game.4. Not-so-special special teamsMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsBased on what he said on Wednesday, Andy Reid was also concerned about the Arizona Cardinals on special teams.“They have tremendous talent there on special teams,” he told the press on Wednesday. “You have to make sure you solidify and get down their scheme, and are able to adjust to their speed there.”Reid’s worry on this aspect of the matchup with the Cardinals was also justified.Not only did the Cardinals nearly pull off a surprise onside kick in the first half, they also held Tremon Smith — who has been averaging 33.8 yards per return so far this season— to just 22 yards on two returns.Meanwhile, Cardinals kick returner T.J. Logan averaged 29.7 yards per return, and the special teams unit’s lone highlight of the game — an 82-yard punt return for a touchdown by Tyreek Hill — was nullified by a penalty on Demetrius Harris.I don’t want to be too hard on Dave Toub.We have come to expect a very high level of performance from his unit.This game, however, wasn’t its finest hour.All of that said, it’s worth mentioning that the player who came through for the Chiefs on the onside kick play was none other than rookie Ben Niemann. We need to keep our eye on this kid. 5. Ladies and gentlemen... Chris JonesDenny Medley-USA TODAY SportsWith all the focus on Dee Ford becoming a top player on the Kansas City defense in 2018, we really haven’t paid enough attention to third-year player Chris Jones.He’s now had a sack in six consecutive games — many of them in key moments — and coming into Sunday’s game, was second only to Ford in quarterback hits, and led the team in tackles for loss.On Sunday, his second-quarter strip-sack of Josh Rosen — while the Cardinals recovered the fumble — was a key moment in the game.On the previous play, Bob Sutton had caught the Cardinals with a safety blitz by Ron Parker, and Jones’ sack put the kabosh on a Cardinals drive that could have put them in striking distance at the end of the first half.The man is indeed stone cold. For the first time this season, the Kansas City Chiefs will be wearing their all-red uniforms as they take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium.Also for the first time this season, they’ll be trying to rebound from a loss — last week’s Sunday night game against the New England Patriots.Here are five things to watch during the game:1. Irresistible forces against movable objectsIn their six games so far, the Chiefs have played three of the NFL’s top 10 teams in points scored, and three of the NFL’s top 10 in yardage gained. Is that because these teams played against a terrible Chiefs defense, is it that the Chiefs defense has had the misfortune to play a lot of games against really good offenses?That isn’t likely to become any clearer as a result of this game.In many ways, the Chiefs and Bengals are alike.All things considered, both have strong offenses and weak defenses.The Chiefs have the edge on offense, and the Bengals have the edge on defense.Both teams score on a high percentage of their drives.So it’s very likely this will be an exciting, high-scoring game — and those kinds of games often depend on the turnover battle.This means that much will depend on Patrick Mahomes’ ability to avoid interceptions.Andy Dalton has thrown seven picks to Mahomes’ four in six games.If that ratio holds Youth Justin Houston Jersey , this would be an advantage for the Chiefs.But beware: the Bengals have three fourth-quarter comebacks this season.In two of those games, they outscored their opponents by 17 or more points in the fourth quarter.The good news for the Chiefs is that both of those games happened at home.Still... don’t count the Bengals out until the final gun has sounded.2. Playing the slowdown gamePhoto by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesIn four of their six games, the Chiefs defense has been on the field for significantly more snaps than the offense. This is one of the reasons —although certainly not the only one — the defensive unit has given up so many yards.In three of these games — against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots — the vast majority of the difference took place in the fourth quarter.Why?Because the Chiefs — in all but one instance, holding the lead — have played the so-called “prevent” defense, allowing the trailing team to gain yardage with underneath passes, but denying them big plays to score quickly.Essentially, this approach trades yards for time — and if your team holds the lead in the fourth quarter, time is the more valuable commodity.Fans hate the prevent defense, because they believe it gives the opponent too much of a chance to win the game.But coaches do it for one simple reason: because most of the time, it works — if the offense is also playing to take time off the clock.And this is the area where the Chiefs have been deficient.Late in their games, they have been unable to demonstrate an ability to run short plays — either by running the ball, or executing the short, high-percentage passes that are the heart of the West Coast offense — to secure first downs and extend drives.Last Sunday night, this inability led to the biggest strategic blunder of the season: giving Tom Brady the ball in a tie game with three minutes remaining on the clock.It’s perfectly reasonable to criticize Bob Sutton for leaving Josh Shaw one on one with Rob Gronkowski on the Patriots final drive, but let’s be honest: who would bet against Brady (and Bill Belichick) in that situation — even if they were facing the best defense in the NFL?The Chiefs must figure out a way to grind it out on offense and sustain their fourth-quarter drives.Against the Bengals — as previously noted — this could be especially important.But the Bengals also present an opportunity, as they are not particularly good against the run.Will the Chiefs take advantage of the opportunity, and let the offense learn how to help the defense?3. It’s not just A.J. GreenPhoto by Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesAs we noted in this week’s Five questions with the enemy, while the Bengals do not possess the kind of receiving corps that the Chiefs have fielded this year, neither are they one-dimensional at wide receiver. The Chiefs will have to limit both their star wide receiver A.J. Green and third-year wideout Tyler Boyd, who has 455 yards and four touchdowns on 37 receptions this year.The Chiefs, however, should not have to worry too much about receivers coming out of the backfield. Bengals running backs have only 208 yards on 31 receptions this season. Nor have Bengals tight ends posed a huge threat thus far, combining for 386 yards on 34 receptions.The problem is going to be Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard as rushers. At this writing, it’s unclear if Bernard will play against the Chiefs , but Mixon could easily be a threat against the Kansas City run defense. As The AP Nerd Squad’s Matt Lane noted in his review of Chiefs inside linebackers, the Bengals may be able to what other teams have done — exploit the difficulties the Chiefs are having getting their act together, and come up big in the running game.4. Rushing the passerPhoto by Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesAgain in this week’s Five questions with the enemy, Cincy’s Jungle’s Patrick Judis expressed concern about the right side of the Bengals offensive line — guard Alex Redmond and tackle Bobby Hart — and his worry isn’t unfounded.The Chiefs may find enough of a weakness on the right side of the Bengals line to consistently apply pressure to Dalton — and under pressure is where Dalton is least effective.But the Chiefs are going to have to do it without blitzing, because Dalton is pretty good at making defenses pay when they blitz.So just like last week, the Chiefs interior defensive linemen are going to have to do their jobs well.Going the other way, the Chiefs are going to have to pay close attention to Geno Atkins on the interior, and Carlos Dunlap on the edge.These guys are good, combining for 10 sacks this season.The Chiefs offensive line has only allowed six, but the Bengals will be a tough test.The good news is that last week’s quick fix to Mitch Morse leaving the Patriots game with a concussion — moving Jordan Devey to center and bringing Andrew Wylie to right guard — worked out all right.At this writing, it appears Morse will not return this week, so Devey and Wylie will have a big task before them.One more note for the Chiefs offense: should Mahomes try to scramble for a first down, will someone please make absolutely sure Vontaze Burfict is nowhere near him?Thanks.5. Mahomes-field advantagePhoto by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesIt appears likely that Bengals cornerback Darqueze Dennard will not play on Sunday night.Not only did he not practice on Thursday, but also on Thursday, the Bengals waived wide receiver Auden Tate to make room to move KeiVarae Russell from their practice squad to the active roster.Russell is expected to play on Sunday.Russell, of course, is a familiar name to Chiefs fans.He entered the league as a third-round pick for the Chiefs in 2016, and has been with the Bengals the last two seasons.Replacing Tate — a seventh-round pick this year — with a practice squad cornerback is a pretty clear sign the Bengals don’t expect Dennard to be available on Sunday.And it’s possible that safety Shawn Williams will not play, either.Williams is recovering from a concussion, and while he did not practice on Wednesday, he was only limited on Thursday.This may provide Patrick Mahomes with some opportunities in front of the home crowd.Mahomes has already passed for more yards — 2149 — than any other modern-era quarterback through his first seven games.With four touchdown passes on Sunday, he would eclipse the mark of 21 set by Kurt Warner through eight games.With a really big game, it’s also possible he could exceed Warner’s passer rating of 121.9 through eight career games.